A Chance to Tell It

It is such a wonder to observe your children develop, grow and mature over time. This is also the case with those “children” whom you disciple and grow close to as years pass by. As the apostle John says, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the truth.” (3 John 4.4)

One of those “children” of mine in all of his faithful, hilarious sincerity is running hard with Jesus, serving Him in many different ways. In early 2016 he challenged himself to accomplish something great with his video production gifting. For personal discipline and development and to share the testimonies of God’s grace and love in the lives of those around him. Jeremiah Wilson set out to feature one of his closest friends and mentors once a week for 52 straight weeks.  I was humbled to be chosen as one of them.

Jeremiah came to Prineville on a Sunday, met me at our church and spent the day filming my family and I as we lived out life, sharing of God’s great deeds to this Rodgers family and the church we get to serve.  It was so much fun being with this brother, and having him coach me through the interview. Preparing to testify of my short life of 34 years really stirred up some great memories and emotions along with them. To have Jeremiah there drawing things out and trimming the excess made the endeavor go with ease. He really knows how to make someone comfortable as he produces with his camera.  We were all amazed that by midnight the following day, our film was edited, produced and uploaded to YouTube just in time to get Jeremiah started on his next featured friend for week 39.

As for Jeremiah and the Wilson family, I could write a whole blog about them and the times we’ve shared together.  However, for the purpose of this post, I’d like to share the video he created about me, “Big Things Can Come from a Small Town” and encourage you to view each of the other 51 he releases in 2016.


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